Joining the Etsy Mud Team

I’m a member of the Etsy Mud Team, which is a group of potters who network together to learn not only how to become better potters, but who help market each other’s work. The link below is this week’s thread:

Get to know us and our art better. Each week we start a new thread in the Forum area under the section “Esty Teams”. I believe at the moment there are over 80 members.

If you are a potter (meaning you work in ceramic clay no matter how small, including beads, buttons, and pendants), and have an Etsy Store, you are eligible to join. Convo montezumamudd for details on joining the Etsy Mud Team.

For those who are new to Etsy ‘convo’ is short for “conversation’, which is basically an email which is sent from your Etsy account to their Etsy account. When you are logged in to your Etsy account, at the very top of your screen there is a link called “Conversations” … click on that and then on the page provided, click “Start New Conversation”. It is located in the upper right corner. Then just fill in the ‘to’ section and ask how to join the Etsy Mud Team.

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