Kiln Cooking

This is what is cooking in the kiln today. It has taken me too many days to finish glazing this batch. I kept getting distracted by real life. Once I set the brush down, I would forget to return. I’ve been asked before what is my favorite part about making pottery. Is it forming it? Trimming it? Sanding it? Glazing it? Photographing it? Selling it? The answer is yes yes yes yes yes and YES! When I’m on the wheel or slabbing a piece together, that’s my favorite part. And when I am trimming a whole slew of bowls and plates, that’s my favorite part. And so on!

Believe it or not, I love the sanding process. It’s a quiet job, contemplative. I wonder about who will hold the handle in which I’m taking care to rub out every little bump, what kind of life do they lead? What are their troubles? Do they need prayer? Often I will pray for the person who will eventually own my pottery. Nothing specific, mind you, because I don’t know what their life story is, but I do pray that whatever troubles they face, that they will face them in the strength that God will provide, that whatever joys they find they will rest in God’s peace.

Glazing is exciting because all the ideas I’ve thought about while forming and trimming and sanding all begin to converge together into the piece it’s going to finally become! I always worry if I put enough clear glaze on top. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out after a firing that the piece isn’t shiny or glossy enough!

The firing is probably the part I enjoy the least. It’s like the day before you are allowed to open a gift. You have no choice. You have to wait it out. Waiting is NO fun! So often when I’m waiting I begin glazing the next batch, or sanding, or trimming, or creating something new. That gives my mind something to think about other than at 12:30 pm I get to turn the kiln on Medium! 😉


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