Kiln Opening

These two lovelies came out of the kiln yesterday. My family agreed they were both keepers and so I’m keeping them. I love this glaze combination and how it interacts on this particular clay body. About an hour after the kiln shut off, I plugged the holes in the kiln and allowed the pots to soak. It made for some interesting crystallization on the lid and a couple of places on the body.

I’d read about this technique before and ideally I would want to unplug the holes after an hour or so and let it cool down faster … but I didn’t feel like getting up at 3 am so I left the plugs in and went to sleep. Experimenting is fun!

The history of this particular pot can be found here: . It’s just the right size for a couple of medium sized onions and a few bulbs of garlic. This is the first time I’ve combined a couple of pieces I’ve thrown on the wheel. I’m finally finding time to experiment a bit more.


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