Lesson for the Day

Today I sat down at the wheel to begin trimming. About a week ago I had wrapped up some of the pots I had thrown with plastic. Two days ago I had noticed they had dried out almost past the leather hard stage so I wrapped them with damp paper towels. Today they are just right for trimming.

I just finished and the room is still swirling around me. It’s like when you go to the beach and you look down at the incoming foamy waves and the outgoing foamy waves and suddenly you are zooming backward. Yeah, that’s what it’s like when you forget to look up from the wheel for such a long time.

I turned off the wheel and thought, “Wait … I just turned off the wheel.” The wheel still looked like it was spinning but soon I realized the pot was was not moving … just the room.

It’s just a minor annoyance in the wonderful life as a potter — one I’m willing to deal with from time to time. I’ll remember to look up more often next time I’m trimming. Usually I do, but one particular pot kept giving me problems.

Isn’t that just like a pot?


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