More Beads

Even though it’s been a while between posts, I have not been neglecting making and firing pottery beads. But I have neglected taking photos of them! This is a bracelet I made out of monsoon sea rounds and nuggets. The transparent rounds are some vintage lucite, and the spacers are sterling silver. I have this (and other others here) for sale on LovLi.

This little old man is part of a series I did a few months back. Most of these have sold, the three on this bead strand is still available. I make a round ball of clay and push with my fingertips to make the eyes and the nose. Then with my fingernail I form the mouth. The pupils and nose holes are made with a bamboo poker.

This buttercup blue round is not online yet. I am planning on adding it today or tomorrow. I have taken a picture of this before but the colors came out waaaay to bright. I am going to add it to my fantasy bead series. Sometimes the picture is so different from the bead, but SO much prettier than the actual bead that I could almost weep. It has happened before. It will happen again. That is the nature of the bead photo. The goal is to represent the bead’s actual color!

These are some bigger focal beads that range from 20 mm to 22 mm. I think they would make a great necklace. I love how the colors contrast with each other and yet meld with each other at the same time. I can see this put together with jasper and jade. Someone else might shout, “No TURQUOISE,” and I would have to agree with that assessment too!

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