More Beads to Bisque

Here in North Central Texas the pecan fronds are hanging from the trees, dangling their pollen rich plumes, attempting to make me sneeze anytime I walk past a window. So while I was waiting for my particular pollen season to be over, I spent a couple of days creating these. Now they are dry enough to go into the kiln. In this batch are recreations of some of the beads that made it into BEADS 2011.

There are actually two bowls of beads in this photo. The smaller bowl is on the bottom and holds the beads that will be approx 17-20 mm. The bowl on top holds the smaller beads which will range from 13-17 mm. I’m doing the same style on three sizes of beads, because some jewelry artists prefer bigger beads and some prefer smaller.

The kiln is currently firing and I just turned it up to medium. As I wait to turn it up to high I think about how those pecan fronds don’t know that with one big windstorm they are all going to be on the ground and I will be free from sneezing once again!


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