More Bowls

This is a fairly big Soup Server. I added the casserole handles this morning. Those are tough to get on straight. I did as best as I could. It is supposed to look a bit handmade, right?

I have this under a plastic shopping bag to dry slowly. It has been drying about 4 days already. I was not brave. I did not cut it off its bat. I should have. I will next time

This is a little bowl that I stuck legs onto. I threw a bowl and bisqued it, then I rolled out some clay and used it as a mold for this bowl.

I like stubby legs on a bowl. The legs give the bowl a certain personality. This is a teeny tiny bowl. It is only an inch deep or so and a couple of inches wide.

And then I added this (hopefully) interesting rim. I adore daisies, so I applied a daisy texture from one of my favorite stamps. I’m already planning in my head what to glaze it. Speaking of glazing, I have lots and lots of that to do today.

Hopefully I’ll finish up the rest of the glazing today and be able to fire up the big kiln tomorrow.


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