Muffin Maker

This was fun to throw. It holds one package of Martha White Muffin Mix. I was going to call it a “Bread Baker” but I think I’ll call it a Muffin Maker! instead. This is the first one I’ve done, so I’m going to keep it. I’ve got the muffin sitting atop one of my Summer Blossom plates.

That reminds me. I am planning on putting some of the plates I’m not planning on keeping in my Etsy Store. So much to do! So little time!

In the spare time I’ve had, I’ve been working on updating the website and the look of the blogs. Next I’m planning on redoing the Etsy banners for both stores so that everything can have a streamlined and cohesive appearance.

I realize I’m almost two weeks late with this, but thanks for making 2007 a great year!


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