New Homes for All!

Along with the Red Mug (previous post) I pulled these two babies out of the kiln too. The bowl was a custom design for some friends of a friend. I made two, but one of them cracked in the firing. But this one survived. This was a fun challenge because I’ve never made two things that are mostly alike.

After thinking and planning it out, I threw a bowl on the pottery wheel and when it was the shape I desired, I set it aside, let it dry and then bisque fired it. That is what I used as a mold for these two bowls. Then I hand built them (as shown in this post: Pottery Day ). The one that survived now has a new home with the Red Mug as well as the Pink Daisy Mug. Yay!


2 thoughts on “New Homes for All!

  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I have to keep telling myself: Thicker! Thicker! The bowl that cracked was about an 1/8″ thinner than the one that made it.

    I rolled both of them to 1/4″ but when I was smoothing out the insides it must have gotten uneven.

    Such is the life of a potter I suppose.

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