New Website Design Complete!

I’m having a sale to celebrate, both at my personal website AND at my etsy store.

Use the coupon code: take20 for 20% off at both stores. Hint:  My personal website also has free shipping over $50.

Personal Website (
Etsy Store (

If you see something on my personal website and would rather purchase it through my etsy store, just shoot me a convo over there or send me an email at nkp at nkpdesigns dot com.

Thanks for visiting!  — Natalie


2 thoughts on “New Website Design Complete!

  1. The new site looks fabulous. What made you decided to launch a website? Will you be migrating your shop to the new site eventually or is this just for a dual shopping experience?

    Do you have a 150 x 150 or 300 x 150 graphic you can send me? I'll put it on the side bar of the site and link it to your new site or your Etsy shop, your preference..

  2. Thanks, Cindi,

    I launched this because I realized that with my outdated system of self-coding my own websites that the search engines didn't like my formatting, thus I wasn't appearing in them as I wanted to, and my ranking was awful. So I went with a simple e-commerce WordPress site which came with a shopping cart. The shopping cart is easier to manage than having to go in and delete individual items as they sell. Much easier all the way around. I will send you a 150×150 image via fb, but I have also added it on the side panel (further down the page) for anyone else who might want one. Thank you! — Natalie

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