Obsessed with Clay Whistles

I’ve uploaded these whistles which I call “Bead Whistles” to my flickr page.  When you get there, you can click on each whistle to get a closer view.  These are all approx. 40  mm in length, and started off with a 20 mm ball of clay.

 Each whistle has its own voice.  Some can be blown with just a mild exhale of air, others require a definite puff, and most are somewhat in between, but all make sound.

These look great on a ribbon or a leather cord.  I have about 20 more that I’m currently glazing and hopefully will put in the kiln over the weekend.  We’ll see.  Until then, enjoy looking at these.


10 thoughts on “Obsessed with Clay Whistles

  1. Thanks, Cindi, I have about 15 more that I'm firing today and about 10 more to still glaze. Then I'm going to make more in a porcelain clay.

    I'm definitely going overboard with these. lol! They are SO fun to make!

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