Oval Dip Bowl

Thank you to PicMonkey once again for providing an easy way to collage these five photos.  I started off with compressing coils into an oval plate (thank you to Chipotle for the bowl, and by the way, their Burrito Bowls are awesomely good!) 
Second Picture:  I pushed the coils together with my fingertips.
Third Picture:  I smoothed out the clay
Four Picture: I compressed with a plastic rib and a sponge
Five Picture:  I added a section to hold the dip.
Now this is under wraps to dry slowly.  
Other news: It’s very cold here today. We’ve had an ice storm and so we are home bound. I went out to give the chickens and dogs water this morning and discovered the heat lamp in the hen coop had broken during the night…well, it would be more accurate to say the lamp separated from the base and fell out of the lamp. Odd.  I have another bulb so I replaced it.  The hens didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold but once that bulb was replaced, they all hopped in and are currently standing under its warmth.  I don’t blame them one bit.  

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