Philip Pappas Fundraiser Update

 The fundraiser Saturday night was so much fun!  I brought 60 mugs and 42 of them have new homes now.  $2443 was raised (over $300 in flat out gifts) Philip only has $3431 to go. 

The mug to the left had quite the bidding war going!  I think it went for around $75, but it wasn’t the highest bidded-up mug, two of them went for $100, and I’m sorry to say I don’t remember which ones those were!

So much of the evening was a blur. 

I used one of those Squares on my Ipad to accept credit cards and I was so surprised at how easy that was to use.  I was also surprised at how much people enjoyed signing their name with their fingertips.

Oh, and the music was fabulous!  Is there anything better than coffee house musicians?

For those who missed the fundraiser, I still have 17 mugs that have not yet been fired.  And I also have the 18 that did not go to new homes. I plan on making them available, hopefully by the end of the week.  Never fear, I will update this blog and on my facebook page as well.

2 thoughts on “Philip Pappas Fundraiser Update

  1. wow! Praise God, that is wonderful news. It doesn't surprise me in the least that any of your lovely designs went for those prices. They are truly a work of art. I love my mug so much that I dream of a whole set of dishes just like it 🙂 Just putting ideas in your head.
    I have the Square and love it, so easy! almost too easy.
    hugs to you my friend.

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