Recyling Silver

 Ha!  Opps… I got a bit happy with the torch this morning and melted the floor part of my ring bezel. I added this in with the rest of my scrap silver.

I realized I had some chunks of 
silver my father gave to me a while back. He said I should sell it for scrap money to buy more silver. This is one of his scraps from years ago when he was working in silver. I got to thinking about that rolling mill I bought and haven’t much used. I picked and annealed the silver scrap nugget, banged on it with a hammer to flatten it a bit, annealed it some more and put it through the rolling mill. 

Here is my rolling mill.

I repeated this process several times.Until it looked like this:  I again annealed and pickled and rolled, repeat repeat repeat …

Here it sits on the charcoal.

So this is what I ended up with. It is about 26 gauge, full of cracks and such … a lot of work for basically nothing.  

It was worth a try though to see if I could recycle it myself.  I guess I’ll put it back in the scrap bucket.


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