School Daze

I’ve definitely decided to go ahead and get a Bachelors of Fine Arts so I am back at college (again). I love school. I’ve gone to college off and on since my children were babies. The joke is that I’ve been 20 years at a Junior College with only 2 more years to go. I actually have three classes left to finish up the Associates Degree, but I’ve procrastinated about taking them (Speech, PE, and one more class in humanities). I can’t figure out if I’m going to go ahead and take those and get the associates or just go onto the University of Texas in Arlington. Decisions! Decisions!

However, until at least one of my children graduates, we can’t afford big college costs. My oldest should graduate at the end of May. That means I could start in the fall. However, I still have about 20 credits that I could take at the community college that will transfer and they are only about $150 for three hours (and the price goes DOWN with each course, not UP like at big cost college). I do believe I will continue there for financial reasons and then make the big switch.

I’m about to start the second week of a Ceramics I class and so far we have discovered the joys of wedging reclaim clay. This is something I’m familiar with as I have been doing this in my own studio for a few years. Actually, I have about 300 pounds of reclaim clay in various stages of drying that needs reclaiming but I just keep buying new clay. I never throw the rest out. However, I am seriously in need of a used pugmill!!! Anybody want to get rid of one, really cheap? Until then, it looks I am going to continue to be a human pugmill machine.

The best thing about this class is I will get to experiment with equipment and clay and firings that are not possible in my home studio. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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