Sheet Metal Ring

What’s this you ask?  Well, it’s what I’m working on instead of getting ready for my company who is coming this weekend.

Have you ever done that? You know you only have a certain amount of time to do something important, like scrub the toilet, and you put it off because there is something so much more fun to do — like solder a ring that has been in your head for days and days.

I am learning how to fabricate rings at the moment but I am a cheapo so I got the most inexpensive materials to play with that I could find: Sheet metal and copper tubing at the hardware store.  The sheet metal cost me a whopping .35 and the tubing was $8 and the little tool to cut it with was under $10.  The butane torch was $10 or so (got it at Harbor Freight), the gas was about the same.  The solder (medium) was $20.  The flux was free (THANKS LOLLY) and so was the stainless steel pick and tweezers (THANKS LISA).  But the third hand was about $30 but when I searched for it I found an identical one for $12 (oooofph) and the charcoal soldering block was $9.  Then there was the ring mandrel ($25) and then the clamp to hold the ring mandrel ($30) and the rawhide hammer ($12) … So this ring, while seeming to cost pennies, actually cost me about …. oh nevermind, it doesn’t matter.  This is a lot of fun and I’ve been wanting to do it for absolutely ever!  Now I’m wondering …. what am I going to put in that teeny tiny bezel? 

Thanks for stopping by! — Natalie


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