Spiral Sprigs with Beadcaps

I had the hardest time deciding what to glaze these.  Now, if I had made 4 or 5 sets maybe it would not have been half as hard, but as it is, I only made this one set.

I glazed with a blue underglaze on top of the sprigs, and then put a Mayco Crystalites glaze (Monsoon Seas) on top of that.  I’m writing this down so I do not forget.  Because I will forget! 

4 thoughts on “Spiral Sprigs with Beadcaps

  1. They are beautiful and I love the color and design. I too have to write it down….never would remember especially when someone will want 2 dozen just like these.

  2. Natalie, I think these are my favorites so far. But they're all great. I have a thing for blues and greens. Your beads lately are looking great! And good job on the writing what you're doing, because you will forget, I do forget all the time lately :/.

  3. Thanks! I have realized that my memory is horrible over the last few years. I used to able to recall random things at a moments notice, but not anymore. I am clearing out clutter this week and found an old notebook I had written down odd glaze combinations. So even if I write things down, I forget where I've put the notebook, but this blog I will hopefully not forget! Haha!

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