Studio News

I have been listing items over at Etsy this afternoon. This is but one of the items. Look over at the side panel on the right to see more of my newest items.

The neatest thing happened on Sunday. A dear lady at church bought a necklace right off my neck! That was absolutely thrilling. Talk about feeling validated as an artist, WOW!

I’ve been busy all week getting my studio put together. My studio used to be in the corner of the living room, but with the last kid away at college, I was able to convert a room. After the carpet was out, I laid a wood laminate flooring. It only took a couple of hours to finish, including the closet. The color of the room is quite agreeable because when we painted it, he and I have the same taste in colors — or at least we did back then. I don’t know about now. After I got everything into my studio I realized I still didn’t have enough space. So we are building shelves. I priced cabinets but they still won’t solve my storage problem. The closet is huge with lots of big wide shelves, but they aren’t enough to hold all my supplies. Once the shelves are in, then I can decide what kind of cabinets I will require.

It’s all fun!


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