Textured Pink Rounds

I do not know why these beads came out with this funky texture, but it happened and I like it.

I have some small golden decals that will fit in in the small areas and I think they would provide a lovely contrast to the ruggedness of this bead.  Pretty in Pink, glamorous, and rugged … what a combination!

These beads were being fired to cone 1. The kiln malfunctioned and shut itself off.  I restarted it minutes after it shut off.  It went up another 50 degrees and shut off again.  Again I restarted it. It went up another 25 degrees and shut off a third time. I gave up and a day later fired the entire batch in a different kiln, this time successfully.  These are the only three that ended up with this interesting texture.  Any glaze chemistry experts out there who know why this happened and only to this color?  Did the change in temperature begin to grow crystals?  And why didn’t the others grow crystals as well? Is it because they were all different colors of glazes?  I’m left wondering why once again.

I probably should be wondering why the kiln malfunctioned but I’m more concerned about the beads at this point.  Actually I think I need a new thermocouple.   I have one on a different kiln that I have in a box in my studio.  The digital controller is shot and needs to be replaced (several hundred dollars), but the thermocouple is just fine.  I will have to take care of that this week (or next week).


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