The Assignment

One of the assignments in Ceramics II was to make an 18″x18″ tile, or tiles which would measure 18″x18″. So these are my initial efforts. I have a 1″ square cutter which I used to do these. Basically I used the slab roller at the college and covered the slab with plastic, cut each tile out, then went to work decorating each one with various tools and stamps. I have a lot tiles to do. I wanted translucent glazes in order to bring out some of the more delicate details so I brought them home and glazed them in low fire glazes.

I used a technique for these that I do with beads. I glued each one of these tiles and small accent tiles with Elmers Glue. The glue burns off in the firing. I was glad that when I removed these shelves and carried them into my studio that none fell off. I expected some to fall, but none did.

So I’m going to roll out some more slabs today and continue onward …

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