Tool Aquisition (or is this my Brag Fest?)

 I’ve been on a tool buying binge lately.  Today the last ‘biggie’ item on my list came, this round bezel maker.  It will take a small tube and make it into a cone which then can used for stone setting. Or something like that. I’m not sure. I’ve only read about doing it so far.

I have, however, been soldering rings out of sheet metal and copper.  That I can do.  So now I’m going to try to make more elaborate things. 

 I got this dapping set and I really like it.  I also bought a small wooden one too.  I am amazed and boggled with all the things that can be done with this one tool at all and of course it does no good to have this without the disk cutter (below).

 This is a tool that is a ton of fun and easy to use.  I am sorry to say I broke the tiniest disk cutter.  I was using a heavy brass hammer and I really only needed a small hammer. I struck it at an angle and broke it right in half. I was looking online though and I think I can get a replacement for it.  Needless to say I’ve been extremely careful with how I hammer since then.

 I haven’t actually used this torch set yet. I’ve been using a simple butane torch and so far it has worked really well.  I got some fuel regulator caps that allow me to use this torch with small disposable size oxygen and propane tanks.  It looks a lot of fun. I imagine when I graduate to silver I’ll be using this exclusively.

This was the really big buy. It came last week and it is SO cool!  I have been doing all sorts of experimenting and found that it even picks up the texture of paper towels and imprints it into the metal.  I have been looking at You Tube videos and there are quite a bit of great tutorials of how to utilize texture in your metal.

This was made and packaged in India and I guess mine sat in a warehouse somewhere. The shredded packing paper smelled of mold and mildew and it stank horribly.  But the machine itself was well greased and in perfect working condition.  I did purchase the extra set of rollers to make wire from but I haven’t put them on the machine yet.  The directions look somewhat complicated so I’ve asked hubby to help.

I think I am done buying the big tools. I don’t have  a flex shaft yet, but my dad has one with all the attachments and said he’d give me that, but it won’t get here for at least another month. I do have a Dremel though and will continue using that for until then. 

My dad and grandfather both were jewelry makers and rock hounds, so in one sense I’ve was exposed to this hobby since childhood.  I never thought, though, that I’d be venturing into this area myself someday.   


4 thoughts on “Tool Aquisition (or is this my Brag Fest?)

  1. Oh, I'm jealous now! I don't even know what that bottom tool is called and I want one! And does your die cutter work well? I have a cheapo version and I always get the metal stuck in the die cutter. I keep taking it back to the store with metal hanging out of it. I need something different. Would love to hear how you like yours, but I can tell by looking you paid a buck or two more than I did! 🙂 Have fun!

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