Watch This!

While I wait for the sun to come out so I can take some photos of the last batch of pottery, enjoy this video. He’s throwing on an old wagon wheel! Interesting!

4 thoughts on “Watch This!

  1. Natalie
    Wonder why he’s throwing on the wagon wheel? It has to be murder on his back!
    And how in the world did they get a motorized wagon wheel?
    Is there some kind of spiritual mythology in it with the spokes radiating from the center?

  2. Hi Chae, The wagon wheel looks to be weighted on the bottom, so he probably turns it with a stick until it gets up to speed. I love how it is so very simple yet works probably as well as my Pacifica wheel.

    Probably it is not hard on his back as it would be for you and I. I think this would be because he is more active than most Americans and so his back muscles, all of them, are very strong.

    It is true that lots of cultures have spiritual mythology in them regarding circles and such … does he? I have no idea.

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