Website Work

In the mornings, I’ve been re-working the website, trying to add individual beads and catalog everything. I’m trying not to get swamped with the details. I had no idea I had so many beads.

I did get the Series 500 page up. Go Here to view it..

Also new is the side bar. I have added another artist who is using some of my beads in her work. She produces one of a kind original designs with vintage and handmade charms. View her lovely jewelry at: Floradora Charm Bracelets

Also new in my studio: a dehydrator. This will help to dry those beads out faster so that I can get more done at a time. Also in the thrift store where I bought the dehydrator was a very cool pasta machine for a mere $20. So I brought it home and decided to play around with some paper clay I had made up a few weeks back. It took forever to figure out just the right amount of baby powder and olive oil — but it worked. Makin’ Macaronii! Fun times.

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