Welcome 2014

Howdy and hello! 

I just added this sweet bead to my etsy store.   It’s a glaze I have played with in the past and I think it is visually more interesting with the addition of iron oxide decals, of my own creation of course.

2014 is exciting. I have two beads which are appearing in a Lark book due to come out in April, if memory serves correctly.  I believe the title is 1000 Beads, and features beads of many mediums, not just ceramic, but glass and metal and paper and well, lots of mediums.  I was extremely surprised to get the acceptance letter and I have resorted to pinching myself to make certain I am not dreaming.

In the last year I have acquired chickens, one of which lays the most beautiful green eggs.  I am due to be a grandmother again, and you know what that means … more fun!

The cancer is still in remission and because it is the first of the year I am due for yet another battery of biopsies and scans to make sure all is well.  I try not to think about it.

In any event, thanks for stopping by and I hope your 2014 is even lovelier than your 2013!


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