What is that Drawing on that Mug?

Both of these have been glazed in a chartreuse green glaze then decorated in underglazes.

Hubby thinks the mug in the foreground has the footprints of a frog …I just wanted to mess around with some abstract stuff …. I thought it looked a bit like closed eyelids … then I got to thinking they kinda resembled spiders …then I thought, oh that will never sell. It has a creepy factor.

The “mom” tumbler in the background has words on it, done in a sloppy ‘kid’ sort of way, which isn’t hard for me because I have the world’s worst handwriting.  I covered these with the same clear gloss (5 coats inside and out) and fired them.

I love the shade of green and the mug on the left is fun (keeping it!) … unfortunately the lettering on the “mom” tumbler has run and is unreadable.  Aaaaand …. this is the perfect example of why I do not take custom orders.

I will probably glaze and refire to hide the mishap (much in the same way people get their tattoos covered when they turn out badly or have regrets).

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