What I’ve Been Doing

The semi-annual TP&SG sale at the Botanical Gardens was fabulous as usual. I got to meet many of my customers and that is always fun. Since Thanksgiving is over and the company has gone home, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been working on. I’ve wanted to slab-build for some time now, but time is what has been missing from my schedual until

BUT before I forgot: here are the new batch of beads I’m about to bisque-fire.

I started off making some platters. I’ve never made platters before, but I’ve acquired some leftover wooden planks from my husband’s bookshelf project. He left them outside, never put these away and one day I realized they had warped just perfectly for platter molds. Viola! I won’t post all the pictures, but here’s the most unusual of the ones I have made so far.

I had so much fun making those platters I decided to make some business card

That was so much fun I thought: SOAPDISHES!

That was so much fun I thought: TEAPOT!

Then I ran out of clay BUT tomorrow is another day.

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