18 Inch Coiled Form — Ancient Vessel

The “big” assignment in Ceramics is to make a coiled form that is at least 18 inches high. Another assignment was to find an ancient form and ‘copy’ it. Enterprising students could combine these two assignments. That’s what I have done. I figured there would be quite a bit of shrinkage, at least 10 percent, so I decided to make mine 23 inches and remove all doubt.

However, this is so big that I’m putting it together in two pieces. The top photo is the bottom, and you have to imagine it upside down. I’m coiling smaller and smaller until it is almost to a point.

This photo is the top piece, and it is right side up. After it is the right size, I will have to add a neck and attach the entire thing to the bottom piece. This is a very fun project and the best part is that the school kiln will be big enough to fire it!


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