Bisque Pinchpots

Here are two pinch pots that the ceramics class I belong to pulled out of the kiln this morning. This one was pinched, and then I coiled on top of the pinch pot. Next I put in some scraffito and applied sprigs. It is about 8 inches tall.

This is also a pinch pot bowl. This one I stamped with a homemade stamp (not commercial). The other pinch pot I made is in the pit firing. It will be ready on Wednesday morning. I have made three more pinch pots but so far do not have photos. The assignment was to make 6 pinch pots, three alike (with the same types of bottoms).

These both look crooked, but they aren’t. I just didn’t take time in Picasa to straighten them out. It’s my photo taking that is crooked! lol!

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