Ach! Plates!

I’m attempting to make a dinnerware set of porcelain plates, bowls, cups, saucers, etc … for my upcoming son’s and soon to be daughter-in-law’s wedding present.  It took the clay all weekend to go from a completely dry state to a state that could be manipulated.  After I scraped all the sides down I ended up with about 8 pounds.  Over the next several days hopefully the rest of the clay will soften up.

I’ve thrown small saucers before but as far as plates go (thhhewwwwwpppptthhh).  I haven’t had much luck and that luck definitely held up today.  I got the plate the right size and then I scratched my head about getting it off the throwing bat. I scraped that idea, literally throwing the scraps into the recycle pile and decided to give hand building a try.

I have a small roller system from Northstar and I dragged it out and set it up, no easy task since it was sitting at the back of the closet.  I rolled out the clay as wide as it would go and it was not wide enough.  If I had taken the bat I was going to be using as a template and held it up to the rollers I would have quickly seen that wasn’t going to work.  So I dragged out my massive huge rolling pin and a large piece of sheet rock and placing bats beside the strip of clay for height (about 1/4″ thick is what I was going for), rolled out the first plate, except when I finished and put it into the bowl (I have lots of oil on it so the clay won’t stick) it looks more like a huge pie plate.  Therefore I decorated the edges with a small heart stamp and set it to dry.  Here I go to try again. Maybe they will get a set of four pie plates?

*Update #1 — two plates (a bit smaller), finished, drying. 🙂

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