Great Plates!

This is one of the beads I listed today and I particularly liked the way the glaze sunk into the recesses. 

I have a few more with this glaze color that I’ll be listing tomorrow and the next day.  If you search my store for the phrase Sea Green with Blues you can see them all.

In other news … the dinnerware project is going well, albeit after a rough start.  I checked the two plates I had made yesterday and there were cracks on the edge, so into the scrap bucket they went.    If I had not taken them out of the forms and turned them upside down to dry I don’t think they would have cracked.  However, when I got to looking at their shape I decided I didn’t like them anyway. They were too flat.  There was absolutely no visual interest. 

I thought about how to make these plates most of the day and finally after 5 pm I got to work.  I made them a bit bigger and used a different form to lay them inside.  I ended up making four.

The 50 pounds of clay that I began slaking down last weekend is finally all broken down into good bits and pieces of slop.  I am taking about 10 pounds a day and slapping that on my big plaster wedging board to dry out overnight.  I have another 25 pounds to break up but I think I’m going to take that outside and wrap it in plastic and a towel and go after it with a sledgehammer until it is in little tiny chunks.  I’ll have to wear a mask when I dump it into water but it will be better than waiting days and days for it to soak up water.

2 thoughts on “Great Plates!

  1. Lol … I definitely want to make some plates, and some saucers, and some bowls, and possibly a few tumblers. Unfortunately I've let all my excess clay dry out over the past year, so the worst part is reconstituting it all.

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