Anchors Away! A P100 mask

This is what I bought today. It is an AOSafety QuickLatch® Facepiece with Voice Transmission System Assembly QuickLatch. Apparently it comes in three sizes. I don’t know which size I bought, though it does seem to fit just fine. The Latch allows for quick donning & doffing. Facilitates quick communication. NIOSH Approved. $43. Bonus: I won’t ever need to buy a new set of lungs.

This was on my supply list for the Ceramics I class I am taking. Okay, so it wasn’t actually on the list, what the professor actually said was, “Buy a double-banded mask and make certain it is a #8210, don’t go overboard and buy that big two cylinder mask.”

So what did I do? I bought the biggie mask. In school, on my report cards, it commonly had the phrase, “Natalie would do SO much better in class if she would just follow directions.”

Actually, I am going to go and get a more disposable type P100 mask for class. It is about $7 and just as good. Bonus: I won’t look like an alien in class. At home, in my studio, or outside (holding lumber while hubby saws through a board), I will use the biggie mask and I will use the snot out of that thing!

I like my biggie mask though, because I am chemically sensitive and paranoid as well. I’m one of those persons that when I can’t sleep I imagine every horrible possible most painful and scary detail as to ways I could damage/poison myself if I’m not careful enough.

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  1. I’m apprenticing in Korea with some potters and they see it as a test of manhood not to wear any protective gear. So when I showed up with the only available double barrel respirator (pink), they had a good laugh, I still wore it with pride knowing that it is I who will have the last laugh. Power to the people (with big funky looking dust masks) 🙂

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