Pinch Pots

I got this picture off the google images search “Pinch Pots” … it’s from Pottery.About.Com. I might start bringing in my small camera to class. Hopeflly people won’t think I’m too odd wanting to document things.

As some may have guessed, by now, today in Ceramics I, we tackled the Pinch Pots. I’ve made two sad little pinch pots in the five years I’ve been playing with clay, and I have to say that it was a repeat performance today. The main idea was to get it symmetrical and the thickness of the walls even.

I mostly did that, but the last ball of clay I did was the best. We were to save our three best. Mine were all awfully awful so I saved them all. Maybe I’ll have a better perspective on Monday. However, tonight I’m going to get some cone 6 clay and do the same thing here, at home. Fun fun!

Here are some pinch pot links I found online:

And then I found this link! And it is beautiful!!!
Pinch Pot Whistle!

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