Blogging Blogging Blogging!

I have this on Auction today on the Ceramic Art Bead Marketplace. 

Just thought I’d mention that before I begin blogging about blogging.

I very much enjoy blogging …I like being able to look back through my months and years and remember things that were going on, things that I didn’t blog about but I remember anyway.

In 2011 I went through Cancer Therapy (chemo and radiation), which was really a difficult time for me.  My mother came and stayed with me while I was undergoing treatment and that was a comfort.  I’ve been cancer free for four years now and after next year I will be declared to be in remission.  I have finally recovered from the cancer treatment … and looking back I am glad I did, but at the time I think I would have gladly died.  Yes. the treatment really is that bad.

I can actually see where the blank spots are in my blog history where I did not blog at all and even then I remember what was going on IRL (in real life) … it’s all good.

This year I made the decision to keep at it, like a diary and for the most part I’ve done really well until April, and that is when I started participating in the Facebook Group auction “Ceramic Art Bead Marketplace” and that took a lot of time, but I think I’ve got the rhythm of the auctions now and realize that even if I make a mistake (or two or three) that everyone is gracious. Thank you to everyone who have been gracious with my dumb mistakes.

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