Who doesn’t love Fridays?  Today I went and had lunch with one friend and ice cream with another friend and I’m so stuffed, I’m not even thinking about dinner and it’s 6 pm, but hubby is grilling green chile out on the grill and it looks like we’re going to have some leftover steak in a taco with green chile on top ….I’ll make room! 🙂

I didn’t do anything with my beads today, or my pottery. I did, however, pick a few out for some upcoming auctions, and a couple to put on my website, and a couple to put on Etsy.  So I do have a project.

These beads on the left are going to make it onto one of the sites (not sure which yet, though).  Have a great weekend!  Stay dry! Stay safe if you live in Tornado Alley!

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