Color Variations in Separate Firings

In my descriptions of my beads I have this line that is in all of my listings: “I have discovered over time that each batch of beads fires in the kiln differently depending on the season, temperature, and humidity, and barometric pressure.

While these beads were fired about a week apart and the temperature was about the same, the shades of their glazes, which before appying the iron oxide laser decals, once exactly the same, now are different. Even the shade of the decals are a bit different.

SO on one hand, if you are looking for very unique beads, ceramic bead artists really are the way to go, because even under similar conditions, re-duplications rarely happen.  But if I were looking for two beads to put into the same necklace, these two certainly would be hard to work into the same color scheme.  Individually they are each lovely, though.

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