Venetian Red Sprig Bead

Here is a porcelain bead which I applied stoneware sprigs and covered with the now (sadly) discontinued Venetian Red by Mayco.

I know I know, I have to get a grip on myself! Or just start making my own glazes, of which I am more than capable.  With beads, it is so easy just to open the jar.

When I was painting in watercolors I would never just use a pigment the way I will a glaze.  I would always alter it a bit so it was my pigment.   I suppose I do this by varying the clay bodies of the beads. Each clay makes for a dramatically different background upon which the glazes drapes itself around.

I have fallen in love with this glaze and this look of a bead and I am not sure how long I will continue exploring this concept.  But it sure has been fun to explore!  And there are lots of different colors of glazes. I do not have to be so stuck on this particular color, no matter how much I happen to be drawn to it.  I bet it would look great in green or blue or purple.  But probably not yellow.

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