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 It’s super fun when someone messages and says, “Hey, I want a mug.  I don’t care what shape or color. I just want it to hold a certain amount of liquid….but I want it to have surface decoration like you do with your beads.”  (not an exact quote of course, but a fair simulation)

 I had my doubts about the design, about the color scheme. I agonized over it more than a few times.

I toyed with the idea of bright red daisies against a yellow background.

I toyed with the idea of a simple clear glaze over the entire mug.

In the end, this is what I decided.

 The surprise inside reminded me of the “Party in a Cup” series I created when first starting making pottery.

I always meant to do more of those …so it’s nice that there is a bit of a party going on in the bottom of this mug.

The bottom developed a teeny surface crack in the bottom during the firing.  It poses no problems.

When I put this in the microwave on high for two minutes, the handle was cool to the touch (score)!


Near the bottom of the belly is my potter mark, my three initials stamped into the clay.

Had a great time with this custom order. I always say, “I don’t do custom orders.”  But if you want a mug and you trust me with the design and implementation, I’m game if you are.

How much does it hold? It holds 3 cups of liquid comfortably (24 ounces). 

3 thoughts on “Custom Mug

  1. THAT'S MY MUG!!!!!!! And Natalie is my potter!!!!!! Thank you Natalie for taking on this project. I am so so pleased with what you did. Just so you know, if you had done red daisies on yellow or simple clear glaze……..well, yeah, ummm, no. You did it perfectly. I love it and can't wait to put this into daily service. LOL

  2. I just knew this had to be you when I saw this post, Jean, and had to read the comments to find out! Sure enough! What fantastic mug you inspired Natalie to create! Love this mug, you lucky one! Lovely job, Natalie!

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