Elephant Safari with Jean A Wells and Stringing Magazine

The long awaited event is here. I’ve been waiting all summer for this fall issue of Stringing magazine because Jean A. Wells had a necklace accepted for publication with one of my hand sculptured elephant beads as the focal bead.

It should already be in stores and I expect you should go out and get yours today because they won’t be on the shelves long and you definitely want to see Jean’s other two pieces of fabulous jewelry which are also in this magazine. Or you could click over to her blog and check it out there first.

I really enjoyed making this elephant that Jean eventually included in this necklace.  When she told me that it was accepted for publication she asked if I would be sculpting any more. I immediately said yes and then sat down and tried to remember how I had created one.

It took me a couple of tries and I did make a few.  However, the glaze didn’t come out the same on these as they did in the magazine. I realized after I had fired all of them that I had used a soldate 60 clay and not a white stoneware clay.  I remade some and had them fired in the gas kiln at the college and brought them home for glazing.

At the moment they are on my glaze shelf waiting to be fired. Hopefully by next week they will be finished. Until then, check these out:  Click Here for Elephants .


One thought on “Elephant Safari with Jean A Wells and Stringing Magazine

  1. I am so thrilled – I always loved that bead and the ones I really love, I tend to hold onto because I want to make something that really does the bead justice. I am tickled with this one (which is why I submitted it) and I am so happy it was well received with the editors of Stringing. Love, love, love your work Natalie. Just keep it coming.

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