Shop Sections Changes

Howdy!  Today I waded through all my listings.  I haven’t been happy with my sections the last few months. 

I have eliminated the Sprig Beads section. 

It was fine when I first started making them and didn’t have very many, but I have just way too many and in all different shapes.  I have round ones, lentil shape ones, nugget shaped ones … blah blah blah, you get the idea. 

I also got rid of the ‘handpainted’ ‘decals’ and ‘iron oxides’, for the same reason. I’m doing them all in different shapes and it is just too much.

There are so many decisions to make sometimes when listing and why add to the confusion?  I hope this has simplified things, and not just for me.

The bead above is a nugget bead, with textures, with sprigs AND it’s green!  Here’s where I put it: In the Nugget section!  Woo hoo! Go eat some cake or ice cream or something to celebrate! 🙂 


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