Monkey Pendant

Every two years (or longer) the Instar decal salesman makes his way to American Ceramics.  Every so often he has a special suitcase filled with out of print decals, sometimes they are very old.  This particular decal was in that batch.  So I grabbed the last sheet.  There are a few others on that same sheet, an adorable blue elephant and a red rooster, too. 

After I got home, I immediately wedged some clay and rolled it out to make some pendants.  I normally am a fan of round (square, ect …) beads, but I could not see how to fit this size onto a round bead.  So I made a few pendants.

I still have some pendants to glaze, and those will be glazed with a smooth glossy clear. This batch, however, was glazed with a white matte glaze.


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