Porcelain Cement?

These are some cone 10 porcelain nuggets, unglazed.  The type of porcelain one buys definitely determines the whiteness and translucence of the porcelain.  This particular porcelain probably should be marketed as stoneware, though it is soft and yummy to the touch, much like porcelain.

After these came out of the kiln, I was left wondering: is there such a thing as porcelain cement?  These remind me of the white crystal landscaping stones used in flowerbeds.  I didn’t consider it necessarily a bad thing, just different.

Also fired with these beads were some others which I decided to tint with a darker gray and fire with a clear gloss to see what that might look like.  

I am intrigued by the flow of these beads.  The gloss glaze brought out facets that surprised me. I was not expecting to like these so much.  Currently I am waiting for some Swarovski Crystals (rhinestones) to come in the mail so I can add these to the waiting holes.  I’m thinking bright colors for contrast. I’m going to try a few sparkly clear ones to see how they look too, though.

 UPDATE: to see how these look finished, here is a photo I uploaded to flickr.


8 thoughts on “Porcelain Cement?

  1. Thanks, Yolanda. The mail got here today but so far, no package. I bought the kind with the pointy ends so I could anchor each rhinestone in well. I looked in Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but they all sold flat backs.

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