Mugs, Leaves, and Dogs

These are some mugs I’ve been working on. I discovered through reading the forums at Etsy that people really like to buy mugs, that they sell really well. That’s good for me because I absolutely LOVE making mugs! I love throwing them — shaping them, making handles, decorating them. Each one is always so different from the last. They are small enough to experiment with in terms of shape and form. Best of all, they are a blank canvas to decorate.

Because I’m in a room off by myself and not distracted in the living room by things that need to be done, I’ve been able to experment and work in an condusive environment. I threw a big bowl a month or two ago. It dried too fast. It had a hairline crack in the bottom. I bisqued it anyway and am now using it for this bowl mold.

Handbuilding is something I haven’t been able to do much of because of the space problem. With throwing I can dry it, store it, get it out of the way fairly quickly. Handbuilding requires more attention. You have to roll out the clay and put it in the mold, let it sit awhile … come back to it, mess with it … let it sit awhile … etc …

I also hand built this dog dish from a smaller bisqued bowl , which also had cracked while drying. Last night I snagged a treasury to showcase other artists’ pet pottery. Go here to view it: Pet Treasury


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