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I’m in a Yahoo group called Pottery Basics and one of the members, Jan, gave an assignment to take a couple of pounds of clay and throw it, and another few pounds of clay and handbuild it and put it together.

So I threw a nice bowl and then coiled the rest of it. I’ve never done that before. There is a patience to coiling that doesn’t exist with throwing. It is a relaxing thing to do though. Setting the bowl aside to harden is the hardest part for me. I get distracted and there is the chance I will forget about returning to the project. However ….

… I had thrown these the evening before and had put them under plastic so they would not dry out too much. While I waited for the coiled bowl to become workable again, I carved some and burnished these others.

The second mug down the first column wasn’t burnished until today, so it’s still rough looking.

It’s nice to have my own place to create!


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