Neutral Bracelet: Nuggets and Rounds and Silver

Neutral colors are calming and this combination of beads, while understated, lend themselves to a certain elegance.

The ceramic nuggets were glazed with an oatmeal glaze.  The holes are rather large.  These are some from a batch I made when I first began making ceramic beads.  They are newbie beads. I had no idea how to fire ceramic beads when I first started.  I had simply put them down on a kiln shelf that was heavily coated with kiln wash. I had to chip them off of the shelf, then grind down the rough spots with a Dremel tool.   

Before long I realized I could hang beads on rods which were balanced on kiln posts (posts that are used to hold up shelves).

 The silver beads I chose were some leftover from other projects I’ve done over the past few years.  I’ve had them a while. It is easy to tell because they are somewhat tarnished.

The rounds were textured and glazed this lovely tan brown. 

This palette is quiet and soothing.  Perhaps this is why I felt that each ceramic bead should be supported by one of those small silver spacers.

 This is the finished bracelet.  I’ve had fun making all the bracelets I’ve been showcasing this week. It’s been fun.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed what I’ve been having fun with, too. I am going to enjoy wearing my new bracelets.


2 thoughts on “Neutral Bracelet: Nuggets and Rounds and Silver

  1. I love the rustic with the silver! I'm just starting to make clay beads now – I think I may try the irregular shapes – they look great in this bracelet.

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