Peanut Butter Bracelet

I call this a peanut butter bracelet because the glaze on these particular thumbprint shaped beads remind me a bit of the color of peanut butter, little chips of wonderful. I happen to love peanut butter, though I know it is not everybody favorite spread.

The red beads are a coral tube shaped.  Think of them as jelly. ha ha!  There are apple green nugget resin beads too. Yes, they are plastic. But you can hardly tell.  They are well made plastic beads, so they are resin, yes?

There are also some metal beads, maybe they are brass? I’m not sure. They came off a piece of vintage jewelry that I acquired a long time ago.  Alsrein lured are unikite rounds. I love unikite, those greens and pinks are so cheerful.

I made up a palette to go along with these beads. Sometimes before I string beads I like to have a visual of the major colors. It helps when I string to see how they will all work together.  These colors seem to flow, one into the other, so I didn’t worry about the color when I strung these beads.

I focused instead on the shape. The peanut butter beads needed to bunch up against each other. They are the biggest beads so they are the focal beads.  I didn’t want them near the clasp though because that can get uncomfortable when resting a hand on a table.


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