New Bead Styles

I worked hard every day last week glazing and kilning beads for all the upcoming shows. To recap, I’ll be over in the Heliotrope’s parking lot on October 1st, and as of last night, I will be at Lockheed Martin’s Annual Trinity River sale sharing a booth with a fellow potter October 8th and 9th (more about that in some upcoming posts).

These are some beads I had lots of fun making. I used a clear gloss over a textured Lapis Blue glaze and then I used that wonderful bumpy glaze over that.

These are some beads that are from about 4mm to 12 mm. They are elegant in their absolute simplicity.

I have been glazing these and placing them in the kiln as I have a bit of extra room. These are such fun pendants to make. The demo on how I made them is at:

Take the first link: Sunflower Demo
There is another batch kilining right now. Every day I have that little kiln going. I am growing to like this small kiln with its digital temperature control more and more. At first I thought it would be hard to operate, but I was wrong. It is easy.

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