Old Pewter Styles

Last week I got out some “Old Pewter” glaze that I’ve had stashed in the back of the cabinet for a couple of years. I bought it on a whim and because it is a cone 05 and it requires a “fast fire” in order to become shiny like gun metal, I never used it. It’s impossible to get things in a big kiln to fire exactly the way one wants. Big kilns are for happy accidents.

However, because of the smaller jewelry kiln with the digital temperature controller I can do anything, including fire “slow”, “medium”, or “fast”.

So out came the “Old Pewter” glaze and I am delighted with the results. These are so shiny! I am in a glazy-sort-of-love daze at the moment.

This next picture is a pattern that I especially am fond. I did some experiements and this is an extremely opaque glaze, able to go on porcelain, earthenware, and red Toas with no visible difference. These pictured, however, are all on a porcelain clay body.

This is a 10 mm round that has a lovely daffodil stamped on two sides.

…and here are some simple, but wonderful, nuggets.

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