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This is one of the ammonites I brought home from Tuscan. We put it under a black light and they all glowed, some blue, others green, this particular ammonite fluoresed a wonderful pink glow. Who knew?

These came from Canada and I plan to wire wrap them and offer them at shows, and possibly on Just Beads ( as well.

Sorting through the various buys at Tuscan has taken me a few days. Plus, I decided to rearange my entire studio (my version of Spring Cleaning). All those little piles of clutter are now gone.

Before I left for Tuscan I went to American Ceramics (see link on side of blog under “Where I get my Raw Materials”) and took a class on Fused Glass Jewelry. It was a two day workshop and I learned a ton of stuff about fusing glass, and how to program my jewelry kiln properly in order to come out with a consistant (and beautiful) piece of art. This is a piece I wirewrapped and added three faceted 8 mm florite beads into the wrap.

But before Tuscan, before the Fused Glass Jewelry Class, the Pottery Guild had Merlene Walker do a mini-demonstration on Art Clay Jewelry. It was phenominial. She gives affordable and quality classes. Her website can be found here:

Also new is a new webpage where I am posted some Limited Edition Beads. It can be found by clicking here:

I will be adding to this page, as well as making a few more in the days to come. I’m also toying with putting together some bead kits, with some of my limited edition beads with complimentary gemstones and findings, enough to put together a necklace, bracelet, and two pairs of earrings (post and hook).

Also new are my auctions over at Just Beads ( I’m adding one a day. Look in the ceramics area: )

Look for NKP DESIGNS in the subject line. I’m offering some beads at prices lower than on my website. Plus, instead of an order having to total $10, this is a good way to try out some beads at some bargain prices.

Happy Jewelry Making!

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