Tuscan 2006

Although I am not yet back in Fort Worth, I am finished touring Tuscan’s Gem & Mineral shows. This was my second time to visit Tuscan. The first year I was not able to make it to any of the bead shows. That’s what happens when you are not the driver. This time I smartened up and made use of the mighty shuttle system that is offered and map in hand, made it to two bead shows: To Bead True Blue and The Best Bead Show.

I met a couple of ladies from the Beads of Clay Yahoo Group (www.beads-of-clay.org) and it was wonderful to hold their beautiful beads in person. I regret by the time I got to the bead show I had spent most of my $$$ already at the Inn Suites on raw materials — specifically Ammonites.

I don’t have my camera with me and for some reason the computer I am borrowing will not allow me to upload pictures I found on Google, so when I get back home I will upload some of my own photos of these breathtaking fossils.

I also had visited the Arrow Springs tent beforehand and had stocked up on a more than a few bargains of glass rods. Alas, I had no money left to buy what I really wanted and had to settle for a wonderful keepsake from Marsha’s table (Marsha Neal Studio — www.marshanealstudio.com ) and while I fell in absolute love with Joan Miller’s vegatable beads (Joan Miller Porcelain — www.joanmiller.com ), I will have to settle for the privilege of handling them in person (at least for now!).

I also met Deb (Clay River Designs — www.clayriverdesigns). Wonderful detail work! Also, I met another woman who made beautiful leaf pendants and I regret I have misplaced her card and forgotten her name. I am certain I will find it when I unpack. Her work was gorgess, too.

Too soon the parties I was with decided to head back to New Mexico. Next year I hope to visit the Holodrome as well. I hear there are lots of fun things there.

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