Pit Firing

Today in Ceramics, we got to do a pit firing. First we wrapped our pieces in toilet paper. Apparently the paper will help to protect the pot during the firing as well as provide firing materal.

The next step was to load the can with some bricks in the bottom. I’m not sure why these are here other than to help hold the can down as well as perhaps retain heat. I had run inside to grab my camera so I missed this part.

If I had been thinking harder, I would have asked if these wood chips are the same woodchips I used to buy for my (now deceased) guinea pig Miss “B”. However, I was busy snapping photos and thinking, “A PIT FIRING, SO COOL! A PIT FIRING!”

After all the pots were loaded into the trash can, it was lit. Then after the fire was going good, a lid was placed on it, but not all the way. It needs to have some air in order to continue to burn. The lid will help to circulate the air and keep things hot. This will get up to about 1300 degrees, about the lowest clay can be fired and form some sort of crystals. In other words, if it gets wet it won’t fall apart, but these pots certainly will not be food safe.

However, they should be jet black when they come out. Yay!

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